kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

Tips & Techniques for Your Most Creative Valentine’s Day Cards Yet!

Happy Month of Love Team PeelyPack! It’s Shelly again from Creating Creatives. I’m so happy to be back guest blogging in 2017! Today I’ll be sharing some simple tricks to make super cute and fun Valentine’s day cards!

The great thing about these cards is that they don’t require a long attention span, and the possibilities of different Valentine’s day cards are endless!


PeelyPack Stickers
– Cardstock – patterned, if you have it makes it a bit more fun!
– Paint & Paintbrush (optional – for our painted squares)
– Glue

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

Instead of steps for this project I’m going to offer up techniques, that you can combine together to make your own fun valentine!


These cards are all about layering.  If you notice, most of the cards only have one little sticker, but with some clever layering that’s all you need! When layering your card think of the following:

TEXTURE – Patterned paper, painted paper, stamped paper, cardboard, texture rubbings, tissue paper, etc.

SHAPE – Rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, hearts, stars, etc.

SIZE – Think of how many layers you want — 1, 3, 8, then adjust the size accordingly. Sometimes it’s fun to have a small layer on top of a large space, other times its nice to have things evenly spaced.

Below is an example of different shaped layers.  We stuck our heart sticker on a piece of painted paper, then cut around it in the shape of a heart, then stuck that onto our painted square, which we then stuck on our patterned rectangle to make our Valentine card.

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

Quotes & Typography:

Add a fun phrase or a quote to your card. We had a lot of fun with some dinosaur and emoji puns! I helped my kids with the writing part. When writing think about combining size and style together, using block letters mixed with cursive, or UPPERCASE words mixed with lowercase. Think of bold contrasted with thin lines. Think about  s p a c i n g, and letter height and width. Use a pencil to draw it out first if you want.

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

Choose a good color for your writing. All your words don’t have to be written in black ink.  Remember, these are all just tools for you to think about and choose from, do what feels right to you.

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

Sticker-ception & Outlines:

The PeelyPack Valentine’s day bundle has such a great variety of sizes, so try stickers within stickers! We did this with both cards below. With the rainbow heart we realized it was blending in with the background, so we decided to outline it. Outlines are a great way to make something pop and add an extra layer to your card.

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

Multiple Stickers:

Sometimes it’s hard to choose just 1 sticker, so have fun with a few! My daughter’s motto is the more the merrier, so for the cards below we added a few stickers to our squares.

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

Sticker Patterns

My son loves his stickers to be ordered and he loves patterns, so we made the sticker heart grids below which turned out super cute! Sticker Mandalas are also a ton of fun for the more advanced sticker user 😉

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

Think outside of the box:

Sometimes it’s fun to break out of the borders. Go rogue! Think outside of the box! We absolutely loved the rainbow heart stickers! My son thought they’d make for some great balloons so I told him to draw a picture of himself holding the balloons. We cut a square out around his drawing and layered him on top of our painted square then added the balloons! Combining drawings and stickers is such a great way to add the personal touch to a card.

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards

I hope these ideas give you a creative spark to make some super cool Valentine’s day cards! I’d love to see how they turned out, so come find me on Instagram or Facebook! Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

kids sticker Valentine's Day cards


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