Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Holiday Fun Trinket Tubes Craft for the Whole Family

Hello! It’s Shelly from Creating Creatives, and I’m back on the PeelyPack Blog with some holiday fun for you to share with your kids. We’re making Trinket Tubes!

These can be ornaments on the tree, fun and festive toppers for wrapped gifts, or small presents for children’s friends. Kids love to give gifts to friends and this is a simple and fun way for them to do so, with a little help from the grown up to put it all together. Trinket tubes are small packages of holiday fun, anyway you choose to use them.

Holiday fun trinket tube craft

– PeelyPack Stickers
– Toilet Roll Tube
– Paint & Paintbrush (optional, I used acrylic paint)
– Scotch Tape
– Washi Tape
– Hole Punch
– Twine / Yarn / Ribbon / String
– Trinkets!

Step 1. Paint your tube. I did about 2 coats of acrylic paint.Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 2: While your paint is drying gather your trinkets! Anything that will fit in a paper tube, such as pencil sharpeners, erasers, small stamps, stickers, rings, little toys or even candy.                                                         Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 3. Fold one side of the tube, and tape it shut, like the picture below.Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 4. Cover the scotch tape with Washi tape. You can skip this tape if you dont have Washi tape.                                                      Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 5. Fill with Trinkets!                                                Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 6. Fold the other side of the tube closed in the opposite direction from the first, then tape closed with Scotch tape.Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 7. Cover with Washi tape.                                             Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 8. STICKER TIME! There are so many great stickers in this months PeelyPack, so grab some of your favorites, or have your kids grab theirs and make these Trinket Tubes beautiful!Holiday fun trinket tube craft

I loved that we got name stickers in this month’s PeelyPack (go to the end of the post to see how to get your own!) and thought adding them to these Trinket Tubes was a great touch! Now each child knows which one they can open come Christmas morning!

Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 9. Hole Punch! If you have eyelet pliers those work extremely well, but I know that’s not a normal house hold item. Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 10. Thread your twine, yarn or ribbon through the hole. Tie in a double knot by the hole.  Make a loop then tie that in a double knot as well.  Trim the edges and you’re done!                                               Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Step 11. Go hang on the tree!                                           Holiday fun trinket tube craft

Here were our final Trinket Tubes, the kids did such a great job decorating them! My daughter got extra creative and had stickers sticking out on the top and bottom. They had so much fun making them, and now they get an extra special treat come Christmas morning! Enjoy!Holiday fun trinket tube craft

For more fun ornaments to make, check out the holiday ornament guide by Creating Creatives, with step-by-step tutorials for nine holiday ornaments!

Special bonus info: For some extra holiday fun, get your own custom name stickers! Subscribe to PeelyPack sticker subscription and enter code NAMEIT at checkout. This promotion is good through the month of December.

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