storytelling with stickers

Storytelling with Stickers: A Creative Game for Families

Thank you for stoping by the PeelyPack blog! Today I’m sharing with you a simple and SILLY game that my whole family, from ages two to 32 (ok, maybe just a bit older…), loves to play: storytelling with stickers!

Anyone who’s spent time around children knows two things:

  1. They love being silly.
  2. Their hands smell like cheese.

Oh, wait. Is #2 just my kids? Ehhh…well we all know #1 is true!

To feed the natural silliness of my kids and really dig deep into imagination land, we play this game where we tell a collaborative story using random stickers as our prompts.

Storytelling with stickers is refreshingly simple, and unexpectedly fun.

Here’s what you need:
  • an opaque pouch (paper bag works, too)
  • a popsicle stick or two
  • some paper (we used large index cards)
  • random stickers (cut out individual stickers from sticker sheets)

storytelling with stickers

To start:

Choose one or two of the stickers to be a main character. Here we chose this cute astronaut cat sticker. Stick that silly guy on the popsicle stick and you’ve got yourself a main character. We’ll call him Space Cat. Bam.

Now fill your pouch with stickers and reach on in…

storytelling with stickers

I pulled a picnic basket! Ok, here begins the story:

Once upon a time Space Cat was hanging out in outer space near Jupiter when he discovered a magically preserved picnic basket floating along in space. “How fun! I was just starting to get hungry,” said Space Cat.

storytelling with stickers

Now someone else pulls a sticker from the pouch…

storytelling with stickers

A unicorn! Ok, so then who arrives on the scene but the majestic space unicorn, Udvar! Udvar, the girl space unicorn, says “Stop! That picnic basket is enchanted! If you eat the food you will start speaking in opposites – you’ll say the opposite of what you mean!”

“Thanks for alerting me, Udvar,” said Space Cat.

[Now someone else pulls a sticker…it’s a robot! And another little hand jumps in and pulls a….police car!]

storytelling with stickers

Resuming the story….just as Space Cat turns away from Unicorn, he sees the Space Robot Police! Uh oh. What does that robot police officer want with Space Cat?

“Mmm,” says the space robot police officer. “Is that a picnic basket?”

Before Space Cat can say anything, the space robot police officer takes a huge bite of bread from the basket! Oh no!

The space robot police officer says, “I feel great!”

“That means she feels terrible,” says Udvar the majestic space unicorn. “Remember, everything she says is the opposite of what she means.”

“Go!” shouts the space robot police officer. “Don’t tell me why I say what I mean! I will NOT give you the biggest ticket in this universe!”

[Now we pull a…cupcake sticker…]

“The only thing that will help her is this magical cupcake,” says Udvar. And Udvar presents the cure to the space robot police officer.

storytelling with stickers

The space robot police officer takes a big bite of the magical cupcake and is cured! Hooray!

storytelling with stickers

Feeling grateful for the cure, the space robot police officer does not give Space Cat a ticket for idling in a no-idling zone around Jupiter. Phew!

After that scene, we had Space Cat move onto a new piece of paper to continue his adventures with a new scene and new set of stickers. That’s why it’s nice to have the main character on a popsicle stick – you can move it to continue the story.

Sometimes for storytelling with stickers we put all the stickers on popsicle sticks and make little puppets to tell our story.

My kids will play this by themselves and erupt into giggles while they think up funny characters and events. But it’s extra fun when mom and dad chime in to add dramatic twists and interesting problems.

Storytelling with stickers is just plain fun. It’s also amazing for developing critical thinking skills, practicing memory (what was the name of this character two scenes ago?), and exercising imagination.

Now go play! If you need some stickers, try our sticker subscription. As our subscriber, Casey, says, “Such great stickers, you really don’t find in the store!”

Happy stickering!


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