sticker pocket Valentine's Day craft

Sticker Pocket Valentine’s Day Cards

Welcome to the PeelyPack blog! I’m so glad to have you here. Today I’m showing you a fun Valentine’s Day craft that you can do with your family. We’re making Sticker Pocket Valentine’s Day cards!

This can be a card for your child to make for their friends, or you can make it and give it to a special little one on Valentine’s Day.

A lot of teachers ask parents not to send candy into the classroom for Valentine’s Day. (And I personally don’t feel joy when my child comes home with five pounds of sugary treats – you know what I mean!) Sticker pocket Valentine’s Day cards are a candy-free treat your child can share.

sticker pocket Valentine's Day craft

Oh gosh. Don’t you love celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids? The crafts! The stickers!  And yes…the treats! I love it.

To make Sticker Pocket Valentine’s Day cards you need:

sticker pocket Valentine's Day craft


The basic idea here is to cut out a square window from your paper pocket or envelope. Then cut a piece of doily (or fancy schmancy heart cut-out, pictured) and place it over the window. Secure it with washi tape (red is a nice touch) or glue, like I’ve done. If you’re feeling impatient, transparent tape can work, too.

sticker pocket Valentine's Day craft

This purdy heart cut-out piece is from our super duper print shop that makes many of the stickers you receive in your monthly PeelyPack. They are amazing. We heart them.

sticker pocket Valentine's Day craft

Now you have a peek-through sticker pocket Valentine’s Day card to place stickers in! The stickers in the pictures are part of our special Valentine’s Day PeelyPack. You can use any stickers at all – the more colorful the better!

Kids will be so excited to get this special envelope full of stickers to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Cutest Valentine’s Day card in the class? Mmmm….maybe! 😉

sticker pocket Valentine's Day craft

Happy Valentines’ Day!

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