Genius Art Supply Organization Hacks

Hello, friends! Thanks for popping into the PeelyPack blog. Today I’m talking about how the heck to contain the giant hurricane known as “my kids’ art supplies.” Whether you have art supply organization well under control, or you didn’t even know organizing it was a thing, I have a little something for you here. Read on! (But it’s mostly in picture form, so don’t fret.)

The new year/post-Christmas blitz at our house means so. many. toys. And crafts. And art supplies. And special treasures made by little hands that simply must be saved forever. So we have a lot of stuff. How we are able to fit all of the kid Christmas loot into our home is a mystery of physics that scientists have yet to solve. Luckily, the post-Christmas art supply and toy rotation/giveaway is well underway!

As I’m going through all of our art supplies, I thought I’d survey the great big Internet and find out what all those organization smarties are doing to control the craft chaos.  May I present…Genius Art Supply Organization Hacks from Around the Interwebs.

Art Supply Organization

In our house we have an art cupboard in the basement where the main crafting is supposed to happen. But we all know that the kids want to be where mom is, so in reality the markers, stickers, and paper tends to migrate up to the kitchen area where I’m usually hanging out. So we have a second art shelf by the kitchen table, which is both highly visible and highly ugly.

Let’s see if we can find some ways to fix this mess and turbo boost our art supply organization. [Aside: have you read Fix This Mess by Ted Arnold? Such a cute book.]

Art Supply Caddy

art supply organizationFrom Clean Mama

I love the art caddy idea from Clean Mama. It automatically limits the available supplies to what fits in the caddy. You can move it around as needed. And it’s easy to put away in a closet or on a shelf when not in use. Just as importantly, it’s fun and pretty to look at, which inspires the little ones to be creative.

Marker Caddy

art supply organizationFrom

The largest part of our art supply collection, by far, is markers/crayons/colored pencils/other drawing tools. A DIY marker caddy can put all the colors on full display so kids can see what they have to work with. Much better than digging through our shoebox of markers. Bonus: I already have all of the materials needed for this project. Score!

Art Supply Shoe Rack

art supply organizationFrom

An over the door shoe rack is a simple way to show the materials you have, while also keeping the messiest stuff out of reach. Did anyone else immediately note that the glitter should go on the top row? #momlife

Clothes HangEr Paper Storage

art supply organizationIdea from

My biggest storage challenge is paper. The sheets are all different sizes and shapes. I mean, how the heck are you supposed to store paper? This is a legitimate question I have. While the clothes hanger route is not exactly conventional, I like that you can actually see what you have.

Clear Canisters and Magazine Files

art supply organizationFrom

Now this is what I’m talking about. I have sincere doubts that the kids and I could keep a shelf like this looking neat, but I might be willing to test it out. The magazine holders on the bottom shelf would be perfect for storing coloring books and leftover PeelyPack materials.

Glitter Shakers

art supply organizationfrom Apartment Therapy

If the glitter actually sprinkles out of the shakers without blocking up, this is pretty genius. We usually use the large flaked glitter because, on a gut level, I feel it’s easier to clean up. But this is based on no scientific proof whatsoever. (Can you say “science fair project?”) Once my rigorous testing on the messiness levels of large flake vs. small flake glitter is concluded, I will get back to you on this.

Art Supply Binder

art supply organizationFrom Fig Milkshakes

Fig Milkshakes has a clever idea here with an art supply binder. This can go on the bookshelf, in the car, to the restaurant, wherever! It won’t hold our vast collection of scented markers (bleh) but it would be perfect for holding the kids’ most-loved art supplies. And they can each have their own binder!

Art Supply Dresser

art supply organizationFrom Home Goods

A dresser with drawers full of art supplies is just so elegant. Don’t you think? It looks like the key here is to have boxes within the drawers so your dresser doesn’t turn into one big junk drawer. Shudder. Having all art supplies neatly tucked away in drawers sounds about as dreamy as a stain-free couch or an uninterrupted cup of coffee.

Kitchen Drawer Art Supply Organization

art supply organizationFrom BHG

Another art supply drawer, this one tucked into the kitchen. I think all kids’ art supply organization ideas should be about how to keep art supplies in the kitchen. This is where 99% of our crafting happens. Are you with me on this? In the kitchen there are liquid-safe surfaces, a sink, and usually a big flat table or counter. It’s a natural place for art. While most people are in desperate need of more kitchen storage space, I like the idea of clearing one drawer for art supplies.

Sticker Carousel

art supply organizationfrom Creatively Savvy 

What kind of PeelyPack blogger would I be if I didn’t include a cute way to organize stickers? This lampshade-turned-embelisments carousel is so clever. You could hang stickers, little packs of sequins, googly eyes, and all those tiny doodads that get lost at the bottom of drawers.

Thank you, Internet, for all of these ideas. And thanks to you for stopping by today. I hope you got at least one solid idea to use with your New Year’s art supply organization efforts. Before you go…

…be sure to check out our free printable coloring book, full of whimsical illustrations for both kids and moms to color. Illustrated by two of our PeelyPack artists, it contains some of the silly art we feature in our PeelyPack activity sheets.

Coloring in this book with my kids is one of my favorite ways to unwind at the end of the day. I printed out a copy for each of us, and I can always print more pages as needed so there’s never any squabble over who gets which page. You can get the coloring book here.


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