Easy sensory activity for kids

Easy Sensory Play with Sticky Paper

As happens often, while I was doing the dishes and cooking, my kids were wreaking havoc around the house.

I was fearing for the safety of my wall hangings, and furniture, and, oh yeah, my kids.

To keep them in one spot for at least a few minutes where I could supervise them and do the dishes, I brought out the giant sticky paper.

Outside of our house, sticky paper is also known as clear contact paper. In case you were wondering.

Tape the smooth side of contact paper onto the wall (or the floor) so the sticky side is facing up. Then gather some objects to stick to the paper, like sequins, pom poms, yarn, or grass from outside. There are so many materials you could use for this activity. Just open your cupboards, or go outside, and you’ll find something that will work.

Easy sensory activity for kids

This activity is so simple, but really packs a punch. My younger one likes seeing which objects will stick (the pebbles don’t stick, but the moss does).

My older child likes to create scenes with the materials, like putting green yarn at the bottom for grass, and making a yellow pom pom sun with rays shooting out. I had fun creating a farm scene with her once I was ready to play.

Easy sensory activity for kids

I set up the contact paper on a wall in the kitchen and the kids stayed engaged with the activity while I finished up with the dishes. This day I quickly cut up some yarn, pulled out the pom pom bucket, and grabbed a couple handfuls of Easter basket grass.

My youngest played for a bit and then wandered off after about eight minutes, and my older one was playing with it for a half hour or more, developing the scene and the story.

Easy sensory activity for kids


The hardest part of the activity is peeling the back off the contact paper. (If anyone has a trick for that, please let me know!) Once you accomplish that, you’re in the clear.

We do this about once a week, using different materials from the yard and our craft closet. Sometimes I let the kids pick materials, and other times I surprise them.

Give this a shot when you need something fun for your kids to do on their own, and tell us what you think.

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