DIY Secret Message Valentine’s Day Card

Looking for the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day card? Yes! Me, too! Well I have good news, and I have bad news. (You didn’t think this would be a good news/bad news situation, did ya?)

The good news is that we’ve found the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day card!

The bad news is that it takes ten hours to make.

Whomp. Whomp.

Sorry, I only have time to do DIY crafty things if they take 5 minutes or less. And even then, it’s iffy. My kids want snacks every 4 and 1/3 minutes so a 5-minute craft is really pushing it.

So, we offer you this: the almost-perfect DIY Valentine’s Day card that you can do with your little one. May I introduce…

The DIY Secret Message Valentine’s Day Card

DIY Secret Message Valentine's Day Card
No, not The Secret MASSAGE Valentine’s Day card! This is a family blog, people!

I like this DIY Secret Message Valentine’s Day card for several reasons:

  1. All you need to make these cards is paper in fun colors, stickers, scissors, and washi tape.
  2. They’re extremely easy to make, but look so good everyone will think you have mad crafting skillz.
  3. You can make it into a wonderful lesson for your kids about friendship and kindness.


  1. Ok, so to make these bad boys you first fold a piece of card stock or construction paper in half so you’re putting the two long sides together.
  2. Then you cut the folded paper into three pieces. The result is that you have three cards. You’ll probably want to trim these up.DIY Secret Message Valentine's Day Card
  3. Still with me? So then you tape up the two long ends to make a little paper pocket. DIY Secret Message Valentine's Day Card
  4. Next make a secret message to go inside! Cut out a paper rectangle to match the size of your paper pocket so it will slip inside easily.
  5. Make a little pull tab for your secret message with washi tape.
  6. Write your message! Fill it with kind words for the recipient. “I like you because…”DIY Secret Message Valentine's Day Card
  7. If you’re super nice, you’ll add a small sheet of stickers inside the secret pocket, along with your message. If you get PeelyPack, you can just cut your sticker sheets into small sections so they’ll fit.DIY Secret Message Valentine's Day Card
  8. Decorate the front, and you are done!DIY Secret Message Valentine's Day Card

And that’s the DIY Secret Message Valentine’s Day Card! So cute! (If you’re loving the stickers, scroll to the bottom for deets.)

You might be wondering: can my kids make these themselves?


If you are emotionally and psychologically OK with the tape being very, very messy and not straight and looking all crazy, then yes. The kids can make these.

If your heart and mind cannot take messed up washi tape on the edges of the card, I advise you to pre-make the paper pocket and message card. Then hand it over to the kids to decorate.

And of course you can write the secret messages together. It would be a good time to pull out the parenting big guns and help you kids think of kind things to say about everyone. Yes, even about the little brother who just threw a giant monster truck at their head.

“I like you because you did not break my skull. Today. And sometimes you make amusing fart sounds.”

See? It’s all about the teachable moments.

If you’re crushing on the stickers in this post, you can get them in the PeelyPack Valentine’s Day sticker pack. It’s bursting with 12 sheets of awesome Valentine’s Day stickers kids love, plus a large fold-out activity sheet to color and stick to, and a mini activity sheet game. All the stickers are made in the USA, just for PeelyPack. You can get it HERE for a limited time.

Wishing your family a warm and fuzzy Valentine’s Day!




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