Cauldron craft for kids with sticker potion

Cauldron Craft with Sticker Potion


Hello fellow PeelyPackers! I’m Shelly from Creating Creatives, and I’m so excited to be guest blogging today! Here I’m sharing with you a fun witch’s brew cauldron craft for kids.

If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE stickers. On many occasions I set out a variety of stickers for my kids to use and create on their own. My son sometimes gets a little overwhelmed by the choices and doesn’t want to make a mistake by placing a sticker in the “wrong” place. This got me thinking about materials we can use that stickers can easily peel off from… hello wax paper!

This waxy witch’s brew cauldron allows him to change his mind, which gives him more confidence to start. I told him his task was to conjure up a potion and he got right to it.

Lets begin!

Materials:Cauldron craft for kids with sticker potion

– Black Paper
– Wax Paper
– Peely Pack Stickers
– Glue
– Scissors
– Marker

Step 1. Draw and cut out your cauldron. You can either do this directly on the black paper, or draw a template to trace then cut it out.  Try and make the caldron the whole size of your paper. If you’re not great at drawing I’ve broken down how to draw a simple cauldron, which you can see in the picture below.

Cauldron craft for kids with sticker potion

Once your template is drawn cut around the outside.Cauldron craft for kids with sticker potion

Step 2. Cut and glue the wax paper. Cut out an oval or “eye” shape from your wax paper to make the ‘liquid’ part of the cauldron.  Its better to go bigger on this part, since that’s where the potion making sticker action will be taking place. Then glue it onto your cauldron.

Step 3. To make it feel a little more cauldron like feel free to add some flourishes with your marker.

Cauldron craft for kids with sticker potion

Step 4. Get your PeelyPack stickers and start potion making!

Cauldron craft for kids with sticker potion

Getting our PeelyPack was a perfect time to introduce my kids to wax paper and its magic ‘stick-less’ qualities. We might even try this with foil!

Cauldron craft for kids with sticker potion

If you’d like some more Fall activities to try with your kids, be sure to download PeelyPack’s free coloring book. It includes 20 pages of whimsical illustrations to color, hand-drawn by two PeelyPack artists. Print one copy for your child, and another for yourself!

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