Alphabet sticker dot to dot

Alphabet Dot-to-Dot Sticker Activity

Friends! Thank you for stopping by the PeelyPack Blog for a little sticker fun. We know you have places to go and people to see. Or is it carpools to drive and butts to wipe? So we’ll give you what you’ve come a lookin’ for: an alphabet dot-to-dot sticker activity perfect for independent play that’s easy and fun!

[Read: this is for normal, doesn’t-really-have-it-together moms. Like me.]

For the next month we’re doing a special series of sticker activity ideas focused on the alphabet and learning. Our September sticker pack is back-to-school themed and full of letter-learning fun.

Even if you don’t have our September PeelyPack yet, you can still join in this fun sticker activity with your favorite alphabet sticker set.

alphabet dot to dot sticker activity

Now let’s get to the main event. This is a simple play idea that is flexible to suit your child’s abilities and interests. It’s also great for kids who prefer to MOVE while they play. Get out the big paper, people.

The Game:

Connect alphabet stickers from A to Z!


  • Large paper (I used the backside of wrapping paper)
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Washable marker


  1. Tape a huge piece of paper to the floor or wall (at kid height). This can be craft paper on a roll, or the backside (or even front side) of wrapping paper. Use what you’ve got. A deconstructed paper bag from the grocery store? Sure!
  2. Now hand your curious side-kick a sheet of colorful alphabet stickers. The more colorful, the better.
  3. Let your little one go to town adding letter stickers to the paper. This might take five minutes, or an hour. Note: This is sometimes the entire game, especially for the littlest sticker lovers. Don’t get stressed out and pressured about completing the dot-to-dot portion. Mere exposure to letter shapes is a great pre-literacy activity. If you’re so inclined, point out relevant letters, like the first letter in the child’s name. To all of you perfectionist types, know it is perfectly fine to just stop here. OK? Ok.alphabet dot to dot sticker activity
  4. Do a little once-over to make sure at least one of each letter is on the paper, A to Z, for the next part of this sticker activity. If this step needs to happen fast before your child is off and running: it’s faster to see which stickers have been peeled off the sticker sheet than to hunt for the letters on the paper.
  5. Show your little one how to search for the letters they stuck to the paper. “Let’s find letter A.” Then show them how to connect A to B to C with a washable marker. (Of course they get to pick the marker color.) Explain they can draw a line from A to B to C, and so on. Kids who know their letters well will get this right away.

If your child isn’t as familiar with the alphabet, it helps to write the alphabet on a piece of paper (or at the top of the big paper) for them to consult. This is what I did for my daughter. She drew a line under each letter on her alphabet “cheat sheet” as she found the corresponding sticker.

alphabet dot to dot sticker activity

In the end, she didn’t always go in order, and she didn’t finish the whole alphabet, and that’s ok. She had a fun time. And the best part was that we incorporated letter learning into playtime in a low-stress, fun way. I try to help her find joy and excitement when we study and learn new things. This sticker activity did just that.

alphabet dot to dot sticker activity

I highly recommend using washable markers instead of anything else. They’ll come off of the wall or floor easily, whereas crayons, colored pencils, regular pencils, or pens won’t. Oh do I have experience with this. Heed my words, people.

alphabet dot to dot sticker activity

Want some more easy sticker activity ideas? Snag our free printable activity sheets designed by our PeelyPack artists Sam and Dina. They’re fun complete-the-drawing scenes that are great for drawing, coloring, and stickers. We included three sheets, and they’re based on designs from the sticker subscription packs. When you enter your email address to get them, you’ll also receive future free printables and deals that we offer our community. We like to send out some pretty sweet stuff and do periodic giveaways, so definitely sign up.

I hope your little one enjoys this sticker activity, in whatever form it takes. Remember it’s not about getting it right, connecting every letter from A to Z. It’s about exploring letters on a child’s own terms and taking time to ponder. In the immortal words of Queen Elsa, “let it go” and have fun.

For more alphabet sticker activities, be sure to check out our other posts in this series: Lowercase Letter Recognition, Alphabet Trace Kids Art Activity, and Sight Word Recognition with Stickers.

And remember, get our free printable activity sheets HERE for more independent play fun!

Alphabet Dot-to-Dot Sticker Activity


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