alphabet activity with stickers

Alphabet Activity: Sight Word Recognition with Stickers

To wrap up our back-to-school month here at PeelyPack HQ, we’re showing you one more way to play with letters. This is a fun and low-stress alphabet activity to encourage letter learning. We employ the KISS strategy here. Keep it simple, …silly!

I sort of freak out when my preschooler’s teacher mentions “worksheets” on occasion. My gut reaction is “already?! No!” The theory is, to prepare for Kindergarten, kids need to get used to doing a worksheet now and then. Ugh. I guess.

Luckily, our preschool teachers usually offer different ways to prepare my daughter for school. They play with letters. They discuss letters while they are playing. They make learning into a game!

We’re pulling from this school of thought for our Sight Words Recognition with Stickers game.

Learning through play alphabet activity

Note: “Dog” isn’t technically a sight word, but it demonstrates the game idea just fine. Here’s a list of the top 100 sight words for your reference.

Let’s Get Started!

For this alphabet activity, all you need is a marker, a piece of paper, and some alphabet stickers. If your alphabet sticker set includes pictures of words to spell out (like our Back-to-School PeelyPack does!), all the better.

You can do this alphabet activity almost anywhere – in a waiting room, in the carpool pick up lane, at a restaurant before the food arrives, etc.  (Sometimes does it feel like you spend half of your life going places in the car? I like to have a fun game like this on hand for our time out and about.)

To begin, write a word for your child. It could be their name, or a short sight word. Now have your little one match the letter stickers to the letters you wrote. My daughter was beaming when I told her “you made the word ‘dog’ with stickers!”

Learning through play alphabet activity

To make this extra special, you can make a “word wall” and post your child’s finished letter on the wall. A bulletin board or poster board labeled “word wall” works well.

Need Extra Encouragement?

If your child needs a little more incentive to try this game, offer a small goody when they match a letter correctly or complete a word. Oftentimes a big smile and high-five is all you need, but a goldfish cracker for each letter might be fun, too. I think the coolest “reward” is a small toy representing the word your child just spelled. When my daughter finished “dog,” we barked likes doggies and got out her dog stuffed animal to play around with.

Learn through play alphabet activity

I caution you not to go crazy with this activity if your child is just starting to learn letters. Begin with your kid’s name, and once they’ve mastered it, try other words. Just do as much as your little one is interested in. Remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

If you were lucky enough to snag our September PeelyPack, you got another fun letter recognition game in the mail! My daughter and her friends had a great time playing with this activity pack. I didn’t instruct them to match the stickers to the letters on the activity sheet. They decided to try matching on  their own, which I thought was cool.

Learning through play alphabet activity
Back-to-School PeelyPack sticker activity pack

While I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, the kids played inside during the heat of the afternoon with PeelyPacks. It was a great playdate because it was fun for the kids, and easy for me. Oh, and we threw in a little letter learning. Perfect!

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